Volume 99

March 16th


Welcome to The Echo, Bronxville High School's first online newspaper.  Our philosophy is to run this "paper" for the people who read it, meaning we promise to provide you with up to date and interesting information at all times, keeping you connected with the Bronxville School and community.

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Managing Editor: Leila Banihashem-Ahmad 

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Entertainment Editor: Natalie Arenzon

Opinion Editor: Gabby Markola

Sports Editor: Noor Banihashem-Ahmad 

Website Administrator: Xiao Huang  


Sam Aherne

Henry Anderson

Jack Baxter

Sarah Carbonaro

Abigail Carter 

Indira Dasgupta

Maxine Devitt

Yosman Dhar

Sasha Ircha

Audrey Kim

Maria Louka

John Markola

Yumi Mita

Dara Rivadeneira

Alexa Shepard 

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Christine Wilder

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